Alphabetic inspiration : Brought to you by the letter R

Written by on January 1, 2018


This is about a month over due. Counting yesterday, I am 5 shows behind in my posting duties. But here I am now. This show was originally streamcast on the 3rd of December. The show concept here is fairly obvious from the title of this post, but if you’re still having trouble figuring it out … allow me to spell it out. Ha ha! See what I did there. Alphabet inspired playlists is a recurring show concept where either, song title, album title or artist name will all be related to each other by the first letter. One of the three, RARELY it could be all three. But one of those 3 is the guiding factor for each of the alphabet inspired playlists.

Now however, I will continue on with a long running ramble. I really need to figure out how many parts this particular ramble is up to now.


Before anything else, now would be as good a time as any to formally apologize (again), for the fact that at times. Not always, although a little more frequent than I think, I would like. There are times when I am so much less than motivated. The general malaise of existence in some way gets to me, a familiar ennui settles about my very temporal immediate experience. My now becomes less than enthusiastic. It can be recognized as lassitude, by those outside this sentience that I alone must continue on in. As we all must, in our own little cocoons of life that despite their interconnection with the tremendous ultra-reality beyond our comprehension, are so disparately alone.


At least this is the perception one inherently feels. Regardless of this emotional states veracity, and I’m quite sure that not everyone feels, or even understands this feeling. Hell there is volumes written of individuals in the worlds’ history (that we know of) who have been able to; albeit on a very individualized level, move past this. To, dare I say (yes I shall) evolve beyond this insipid perceptual prison of human existence. And legion has followed these individuals in order to replicate the process, and free themselves of this painful aspect of existence.


The rub; of course, is to be successful in such spiritual pursuits is also to walk away from a lot of what is amazing and pivotal to the enjoyment and the very nature of taking part in this thing that is the human experience. Life and the experience of it can be such a riddling paradox of confusion and obfuscated purpose. So as I was saying, at the beginning of this entry in a rather long running ramble, that perhaps isn’t designed to be about anything at all, in a bigger picture sense. Simply smaller loosely connected vignettes and ideas culled from this author’s personal experience of personal history of failures and triumphs.






  • Red Eyed and Blue
    Being There
  • Rodeo Clowns
    Jack Johnson (feat. DJ Logic)
    Live from Bonnaroo 2002
  • Recividist
    Sing the Troubled Beast
  • Rainbow in the Dark
    Puddles the Clown
    Artist's YT channel digital only content
  • Regular John
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Queens of the Stone Age

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