2017, please be kinder.

Written by on January 31, 2017

2017  New year, new show. Well, not really new. The show itself IS changing a little bit. In the most obvious way I am expanding into a 2 hour program. This is the maiden voyage of the new long format Box of Chocolates. There will probably be more rambling from me, for the most part. Although I want to produce and better execute my thoughts, just a little bit, but enough to not have it be a sprawling mess of a dumpster fire where I am tripping over my own ideas, and forgetting what the hell I wanted to say.  2017  This first hour I discuss the bawling infant (of the 900 lb. variety) in the room. Yeah, the election didn’t go as most people I know had planned. Although, normally, that in and of itself is okay. Normallyhowever nothing about this has been normal to speak of. In my opinion. 2017  Mind you I have been paying attention to the election cycle at the national level for only 27 years now. So I don’t want to get too hyperbolic about this particular go round, but in my scant quarter of a century of paying attention, this tasted all kinds of different. Just odd, and bizarre. At any rate I’ll probably re-visit the subject again later. 2017 

Inside my featured image of art by the amazing artist Mark Bryan, http://www.artofmarkbryan.com/ is a bonus audio/video link to hot stuff dropped this week by THE one the only  ..  Missy Elliott. It’s for safe harbor hours, which my show is not. 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.15.40 PM





  • Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul
    Glitch Mob
    Drink the Sea
  • You Dress Up for Armageddon
    The Hives
    Black and White
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Simon And Garfunkel
    Live in Central Park
  • Please Don't Scream
    Nataly Dawn
    How I Knew Her

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