Zach’s Tracks

On this episode of Zach’s Tracks, we delve into some “winter” related tracks. Consisting of score that; sounds wintery, is released during winter time, and involves winter in some form. Tis the season!

In a special cover show episode, in the spirit of finals week, we opt for a more “study-friendly” playlist. Featuring music from Minecraft and a personal favorite, Kingdom Two Crowns.

This week on Zach’s Tracks we have our first themed show; Black Panther! featuring music from both the original and the new! I also include a short and sweet little review, not as extensive as my blogs of course. This week includes songs both lyrically led and orchestral.

Ludwig Goransson, in his infinite wisdom, once again delivers a unique, diverse, phenomenal score that encapsulates every emotion and feel of the film. Ludwig draws upon more synthetic and electric elements woven into the score’s latter tracks to create a new distinction between Wakanda pre and post-loss (of T’Challa). With the introduction of Namor and […]

Last Friday I had the pleasure of seeing Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on opening weekend, which is always a fun time. I think I’ll stick with the convention of reviewing things a week later to avoid ‘post-movie hype’ and other factors. I am glad I waited because this film required time to think certainly. Black […]

In episode 2 of Zach’s Tracks, we encounter an evil entity known as Technical Difficulties, this dastardly beast chewed up the first six or so minutes of air time, leaving me to fill it with only a slight bit of internal panic. My ingenuity took over eventually and we resumed with another nice variety of […]

On the first episode of Zach’s Tracks and a fun little trial run, we simply start off with some favorites and newer likings in this little variety playlist to dip our feet into the feel of the show. Hitting all the marks with a couple of grander scale orchestral pieces, to more resolute and meditative […]

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