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So we dispensed with the phone number for call in ghost stories this week, as well as with Lennon’s “Transylvania” voice and with the rule that songs cannot have ghost in the title. This week, EVERY song has ghost in the title (with the exception of the Damned song used to fill a few moments […]

The station was supposedly under repair for three weeks and so we had no What’s This Called? or any live KPSU that entire time. So we came back and it really looks like they just cleaned the carpets. And immediately we realized that despite having two hours of absolutely new music to play, the booth computer we planned to […]

Fires, floods, earthquake, hackers….  and loss; ever increasing loss… perhaps music exists as a tonic for endurance, at the very least momentary escape. Goodbye Holger Czukay. Ride the Proverbial Freaking Stream! PLAYLIST: ARTIST/GROUP/ENSEMBLE/THANG – “SONG/PIECE/JAM/TRACK/SOUND” – ALBUM/SOURCE/SUPATHANG  CAN – “Oh Yeah” – Tago Mago; CAN – “The Empress and the Ukraine King” – Unlimited Edition; Jah Wobble/The […]

It all went by in a motion blur… …a live reverberation …of What’s This Called? Ride the Freaking Stream! Playlist: Artist or Other – “Song/Track/Piece/Jam/Sound” – Album or You Know; Greg Segal with Walter Whitney – “Contraption of Encryption” – Invisible Ground of Sympathy; Greg Segal -“Cold Sky (Night Circus)” – Always Look on the Dark Side […]

Listener sourced dark audio tales from the great beyond! All songs were suggested by listeners asked to name songs about ghosts without ghost in the title! Hear the 1st Hour Here! and 2nd Hour Here (if you dare…) Playlist: Artist – “Song” – Album or Whatevs Crispy Ambulance – “The Presence” – The Plateau Phase; The Fall […]

On today’s show, bands from NoFest 2017 are featured, as well as some classic experimental artists such as Diamanda Galas and Yoko Ono.  Also, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, and Tom Waits.   http://s3.amazonaws.com/archive-complete/1506193201.mp3

complex experimental infrastructure revisions… Ride the Freaking Stream! Playlist: Artist/Source – “Musical Experience” – Album/Origins The Rolling Stones – “Too Much Blood (Dance Version) (edit)” – Undercover of the Night/12″ single; The Legendary Pink Dots – “Chemical Playschool 18, Track 2 (edit)” – Chemical Playschools 16 & 18; Overdose the Katatonic – “Nodded Into Bliss” – Soundcloud; […]

Ride the Freaking Stream! Playlist Thang: Artist/Thang – “Song/Thang” – Album/Thang Conformity Contortion – “There’s No Time Like the Prescient” – Perception Management; Electric Bird Noise – “Scene 1 – owt ytriht” – The Moonflower; The Legendary Pink Dots – “Chemical Playschool Volume 16 Part 2 (excerpt)” – Chemical Playschool 16 & 18; Urs Wild – […]

DJ Victrola subbing for the Mighty Ricardo Wang.  Time to chill.

Great ID and intro by Ricardo’s two sons Lennon and Asa, totally fitting with the graphic of them spinning on the merry-go-round. Ride the Freaking Stream!

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