What’s This Called?

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It was sunny outside and a little dark and spooky in the sub-basement. HEAR THE PROGRAM HERE! Playlist: Artist – “What They’re Playing” – Where It’s Housed Moloch Conspiracy – “The Shadow over Innsmouth” – In Tenebris Scriptus – A dark aural tribute to H. P. Lovecraft; The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – “Time/Confusion” – The Crazy […]

Noise rock, mostly contemporary, much of it listener sourced! HEAR THE SHOW HERE! Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album/Source Ghost Bitch – “Maniac Girl” – Ghost Bitch; Cartoon Accident – “Echo Location” – And… ; USA/Mexico – “Yard of the Month” – Laredo; VHK/Vágtázó Csodaszarvas/Galloping Coroners – “Halló, Mindenség 2015!” – Live 2015; Obnox – “Hardcore […]

Special Two Hour What’s This Called? Goodbye Glenn Branca with music by the late composer as well as artists associated with and influenced by him (or just sound good in a set with, this is NOT a history lesson show). HEAR THE FIRST HOUR HERE! HEAR THE SECOND HOUR HERE!   Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – […]

An hour of audio double exposures.  Two artists at once (occasionally a little bit more) every time. Shop as normal and avoid panic buying. HEAR THE SHOW HERE. HEAR THE SHOW HERE. An ATTEMPT at a Playlist in Stereo… Artist (in one channel or the other, you decide!) – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album or Excuse Ludwig […]

The show was planned with a goodbye to legendary broadcaster Art Bell, who passed on Friday the 13th. Art was a huge influence on Ricardo Wang as a dj and radio personality. Then as we went on the air we were additionally notified of a more personal death in the family. Consequently, the show starts […]


Celebrating his tenth year as a cohost on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org, conveniently coinciding with his tenth birthday, DJ Lennon ran the board and the mic on this week’s show. It was totally heavy! HEAR THE PROGRAM HERE!   PLAYLIST: Artist – “Song” – Album Judas Priest – “Hellion” – Screaming For Vengeance; The Melvins – “Bride of Crankenstein” […]

HEAR THE SHOW HERE!   Playlist: Artist – “Song” – Abbluum Bauhaus – “In the Slient Hedges” – The Sky’s Gone Out; ARU – “PHOTOTECHNIQUE” – The Golden Strand ep; Haruomi Hosono – “The Paradise View” – Paradise View; Ed Chang/Blindfold – “Act II, Scene 12” – Picture Show; L.A. Lungs – “How Far Our Feelings WIll […]

While we wholehearted think you should listen to the following program, the opening piece was mis-announced by your host Ricardo Wang. The piece played was by Ashley Shomo who has performed for several years as Cyclopsycho, however, this is a new project called Infinite Sustain. The title of the song was at least correct. Otherwise, […]

LISTEN TO THIS WEEK’s SHOW HERE!   Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album Giovanni Verga – “Invisible visible” – Sylphic; Igor Stravinsky – “Rondes printanieres” – The Rite of Spring; Nurse With Wound – “Space Music (edit)” – Space Music; Grouper – “Clearing” – Ruins; Flying Saucer Attack – “Standing Stone” – Distance; The Hafler Trio – “A […]

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