What’s This Called?

An outsider driven volley of experimental drones from your host Ricardo Wang’s personal collection of rare physical recorded relics pull us into the show and remain as the backdrop. St. John’s Nofest founder and organizer J.d. Helwig called in for an in depth yet off the cuff interview about this year’s Nofest XI at an […]

With continued lack of online access for the show in the KPSU booth, we have delved even deeper into my own collection of handmade CDRs and other micro-indie releases (and a Coil disc, just cuz…) to bring you a show of WTC classics! “The idea is mightier than the Tsunami” – BCO. https://whatsthiscalled.net/2018/09/06/1-september-2018/ Playlist – […]

25 years ago in August of 1993 I arrived in Olympia, Washington and began a new radio show at KAOS 89.3 FM centered around experimental music and named What’s This Called? The show would run for a decade at that station until I moved to Portland in 2003. It then took me two years to find a new […]

We’ve been gone because of technical difficulties. We returned to technical difficulties. Do not attempt to adjust your screen. Nobody is in control. HEAR THE SHOW: https://whatsthiscalled.net/2018/08/19/18-august-2018-back-or-not/ Playlist Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album/Or?: Beatnigs – “Burritos” – Beatnigs Christ & Cosey – “Raining Tears of Blood” – The Elephant Table Album Songs of the Humpback Whales […]

An all cd set, heavy on the What’s This Called? classic cuts with plenty of surprises. HEAR THE PROGRAM HERE! Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album/CD/8-track/BBS/usenet/#youtellme  Jandek – “First Awake Moment” – I Woke Up; Bastard Squid Implant – “Burning House Collapsing” – Sonic Circuits DC Presents: District of Noise Vol. 3; Greg Segal – “Demolished” – […]

Just beautiful music. STREAM THE PROGRAM HERE! Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Where It’s At/Album Senawa – “Tadulako” – Acaraki; Makoto Kawabata & Michishita Shinsuke – “Rome No. 9” – Sex, Voyage, and Echo Chamber; Add N to X – “Revenge of the Black Regent” – Avant Hard; JS-Horseman – “iV” – New Modernism; Gowns – “Gloves” – […]

90% Listener Sourced. HEAR THE SHOW HERE! Playlist – Artist -“Song/Piece/Sound” – Album/etc. Nurse With Wound – “Yagga Blues” – Who Can I Turn to Stereo; Disappearing – “The Shell Decayed (excerpt) – Disappearing; ellefläädt – “psychosalvia2-02” – Soundcloud; Psilocyborg – “The Great Beginning” – Bandcamp; Sun Ra – “Door of the Cosmos” – Sleeping Beauty; […]

Goodbye June. HEAR IT HERE!   Playlist: Artist – Song -Album/Or? Echo and the Bunnymen – “No Dark Things” – Heaven Up Here; Fischkopf Sinfoniker – “Omega (Radio Shibuya extended live mix)” – Live from Portland; Reg Bloor – “Hilarity Ensues” – Sensory Irritation Chamber; The Residents – “Ship’s a Going Down” – Not Available; Marlo Eggplant – ‘Ego Integrity vs. […]

RIP Nick Knox followed by 24th Olympia Experimental Music Festival preview and MORE! HEAR THE SHOW HERE!     Playlist: Artist – “Song/Track/Piece/Sound” – Ablum/Hmm? The Electric Eels – “Anxiety” – The Eyeball of Hell; The Cramps – “Way I Walk (live)” – Live @ Napa State Mental Hospital; Trance Music for Crows – “Trance […]

Newer vibrations from a small scad of artists. Oblique Strategies: Work at a different speed HEAR THE SHOW HERE! Playlist: Artist – “Song or You Know…” – Album or You Know… Tom Djll – “Subtle Lunchbox” – Bandcamp; Weeping Glass – “Bisk Orta” – Polar Shadows; St. Vitus – “St. Vitus” – Live @ Palm Springs […]

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