Variety Show

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Shorter show tonight – locked out of the studio and dealin’ with CPSO’s. Check it! We’ve got an offering of fresh <Hip Hop>

Today’s show we are joined by Portland DJ Red Thread, as she spins vinyl records live in studio! House music is the theme for the day so get ready to dance!

Come listen to the new Friendzone EP, released May 27, 2015, as well as some other audio gems.

Happy dead week fellow students, PSU community, and beyond. This weeks show features some great music from West Coast artists and even a few from the East Coast.

Today we have Joey Brady live in studio providing us with some acoustic tunes to jumpstart the weekend.

This week we have more varieties of tunes from friends all around.

In this episode we explore a wide array of my friends’ musical creations.

Join me in my first episode as I fumble across the control decks and I’m joined by special guest Georgio O’Neil from Albuquerque, New Mexico in this live in-studio session.

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