Variety Show

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Today we are joined by two local talents currently based in Portland, OR. Kevin Lee AKA Claymore ( & Caleb Drost (

Today’s show features more local talent ranging from electronic to acoustic! Music¬†from artists like Dendriform, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Undercat, Caleb Drost, Sunbleached, and more!

On today’s show we feature selections from Portland’s very own Mister Chill’R- The World’s Oldest DJ Living DJ! We are also offering selections from local artists met at Monday Funday. Enjoy!

A very special Mister Chill’R episode of Variety Show – Featuring both solo work from Mister Chill’R and his collaborative effort with Planewalker, Chaos Control. Enjoy yourself the vb of the oldest and chillest DJ in the world.

Another exciting show with Indie, Country, electronic selections, and more!

Today we are back with a great mix by local Portland DJ Kiki Alvarez as well as other local friends.

A very rare episode of Variety Show – COLLECT THIS RARE ART.

Today’s show is filled with quite a variety – Movie soundtracks, hip hop, deathcore, Latin music, and others. Enjoy ūüėÄ

Tonight’s show was¬†completely improv, and we are joined by special guest, Georgio O’Neil¬†once again. After his month long journey¬†to Europe and back, Georgio has returned to bless the KPSU airwaves with new material¬†conceived during his travels.

Summer is here and What the Festival just passed, so today we will enjoy some music played over the weekend in Dufur, OR.

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