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Here’s a mix I made back in 2004 – mostly hip hop with some extra struff (:

Older School Hip Hop, Newer School Hip Hop This is ‘Mix CD #10’, which I made when I was 14 y.o.

This is a make up hour of straight funky hip hop, straight conscious, jazzy, smooth, funny. A little bit of hip hop variety for your listening pleasure.   Enjoy!

In this series I dig deep into the folders of CD’s dusted up from High School days. Join me, DJ Antonio while I spin the CD’s that started it all for me. Enjoy this Old SchooL Hip Hop hour special. Classic cuts including Das EFX, Chubb Rock, Schoolly D., and others!

Hey music listeners – today’s show is not as much filled with music, but rather we have Tito Ferdinand joining us from Santa Cruz via phone to deliver a current astrological report on where we are currently in the universe. Tito Ferdinand: 518-610-4580 Enjoy this gem – we might do more of them.  

Where will New Years Eve take you in 2015? I know where I will be: Inspire Truth presented by Beloved. The Producer/DJ David Block AKA The Human Experience will also be there serenading us with a mix of what he terms as downtempo, electronic, organic, cinematic, love making, sexy time, trip hop, psychedelic, yum. If […]

Todays show features some Oceanian Breakbeat, progressive metal, old school hip hop, and electronic.

Thanks for tuning in this week – you’re in store for some great music!   This week we feature POSHGOD, a Miami producer making dreamy, ethereal, cloud rappy beats that sooth the soul. Up and coming – keep an eye on this guy: This show also features┬áNick Le├│n, a South Florida producer who recently […]

Today’s show features some Hip-Hop Instrumentals, Indie Rock, Death Metal, and an electronic selection.

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