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Hour One: (starts at 11:16) Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsys; Travis Larson Band; Points North; Eric Johnson   Hour Two:  Tom Caufield; Primitive Guitar:  John Fahey; Robbie Basho; Leo Kottke; Richard Bishop; Terry Robb

Hour One:  Ad Astra, Dave Bova, Dixie Dregs, Dream Theater, Tal Wilkenfeld, Mike Stern, Eric Johnson   Hour Two:  Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Bennett, Tom Caufield, Kaki King, Lawrence Blatt, Janet Robin, Adam Bulley & Malcom McFarlane, Joe Barbieri, Andy McKee, Wingin’ It, Leni Stern, Mike Dawes    

Hour One:  Tommy Emmanuel; Dave Bova; Dixie Dregs; Happy Birthday to Shawn Lane; Happy Birthday to Rosetta Tharpe; Eric Skye & Tim Connell   Hour Two:  Eric Skye & Mark Goldenberg; Dark Matter Transfer; Dearly Departed segment – Nokie Edwards; Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins; Stephen Bennett; Mike Oldfield; Judith Beckedorf; Mike Kissel; Tommy Emmanuel

Dixie Dregs Hour One: Hour Two:

(filling in for vickie while she rocks out down in north carolina!) dj jules brings the SICK RIFFS for two whole hours of ELECTRIFYING and EAR-BLEEDING GUITAR MUSIC. featuring some local PORTLAND BANDS (young hunter, blesst chest, dead moon) as well as some friends from TUCSON ARIZON, la cerca: la cerca also some CLASSIC PUNK, […]

Hour One (4-5 p.m.) Dixie Dregs – Free Fall album; Mike Kissell Hour Two (5-6 p.m.) Calabro Whear Bova; Federico Miranda; Robin Trower; Steely Dan; Dixie Dregs

Hour One: Hour Two:

Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning the Super Bowl! Hour One: Celebratory set for the Eagles Super Bowl win – MFSB, Jeff Lorber, Dixie Dregs, The Eagles, Steve Miller, Theme From Rocky, The Roots. Ad Astra, The Dixie Dregs, Points North Hour Two: Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton, Steve Morse Band, Travis Larson […]

Hour One: Liquid Tension Experiment; Eric Johnson Hour Two: Eric Johnson; The Electromagnets; Mike Olfield; Gary Moore; Jeff Beck; The Dregs; The String Revolution; Joanna Connor; Steve Morse; Lawrence Juber; Trevor Gordon Hall


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