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Hour One:  Jimi Hendrix Hour Two:  Jimi Hendrix, Travis Larson Band, Larry Mitchell, Eric Tingstad, Gary Hoey, Eric Johnson  

Hour One:  Robert Johnson; Janet Robin; Jennifer Batten; Amber Russell; Jennifer Young (Travis Larson Band); Dixie Dregs Hour Two: Steve Morse; The Dregs; Eric Tingstad; Marcus Miller; Tower of Power; Rory Block, Jennifer Batten, Stanley Clarke

Hour One:  Dearly Departed – Phil Emmanuel     Hour Two:  Dearly Departed – Deborah Coleman

Hour One: Amber Russell;  Mary Flower; Margaret Slovak; Nancy Wilson; Esperanza Spalding; The Stevens Hess Band; Sue Foley; Joanna Connor; Bonnie Raitt Hour Two:  Bonnie Raitt; Deborah Coleman; Sue Foley; Janet Robin; Jaye Foucher; The Manhattan Guitar Duo; Sharon Isbin; Tal Wilkenfeld; Joni Mitchell

Hour One: Points North; Travis Larson Band; Black Sabbath; Heaven and Hell; Tony Iommi; Iced Earth; Deep Purple   Hour Two: Porcupine Tree; Jennifer Batten; Lita Ford; Meanstreak; Heart; The Winery Dogs; Symphony X    

Hour One: Dixie Dregs, Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti, Lonnie Johnson & Blind Willie Dunn (Eddie Lang), Sinti, Jimmy Rosenberg, Birelli Lagrene and Vic Jurvis   Hour Two:  Django Reinhardt, Les Paul, William Coulter, Eric Skye, Emily Remler, Mary Osbourne, Sheryl Bailey, Linda Taylor, Eric Johnson & Mike Stern, Mike Stern w/Esperanza Spalding […]

Hour One: Surf Guitar & Rockabilly – The Surfrajettes; Dick Dale; Gary Hoey; Satan’s Pilgrims; The Yardbirds (Jimmy Page) ; Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys   Hour Two:  Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys; Simon and Garfunkel; Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins; Doc Watson; Bob Neuwirth; Stephen Bennett; Dave Bova; Peter Frampton

Hour One: (starts at 11:16) Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsys; Travis Larson Band; Points North; Eric Johnson   Hour Two:  Tom Caufield; Primitive Guitar:  John Fahey; Robbie Basho; Leo Kottke; Richard Bishop; Terry Robb

Hour One:  Ad Astra, Dave Bova, Dixie Dregs, Dream Theater, Tal Wilkenfeld, Mike Stern, Eric Johnson   Hour Two:  Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Bennett, Tom Caufield, Kaki King, Lawrence Blatt, Janet Robin, Adam Bulley & Malcom McFarlane, Joe Barbieri, Andy McKee, Wingin’ It, Leni Stern, Mike Dawes    


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