Sunset Spotlight

Here is the setlist from todays spotlight hour! Thank you and stay tuned for more!

With a new time and day formalized, we played our first official set of the spring term today! Thank your for listening, and check back at 1pm on Monday for more Sunset Spotlight! (now no longer at sunset)

Here is a list of tracks we played to ease us into week one and the new term! Thanks for listening and take it easy!

Here’s a list of the tracks we played during today’s spotlight! Hope you enjoyed!

Played some jams to vibe out to, as per usual. Thanks for checkin’ the spotlight out!

Some vibes to transition into the night with.

Some groovy tracks to carry PSU through the sunset.

Played some bangers and vibes to relax to in prep for finals. Thanks for listening and supporting the Sunset Spotlight!

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