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Hello, For today’s show I decided to sweep through a number of random guitarists! Kept it mostly mellow, but with some energy. A sweep through: Acoustic guitarists Alex de Grassi and Segovia, Jazz artists such as Jim Hall and Pat Metheny, to Rock guitarists Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix. A tasty sample plate of guitar! […]

Hello Listeners, This episode of Strange Sounds takes a different approach! We listen to some classical Music! From Portland born Lou Harrison to Bach on Moog synthesizers (by the artist performing in many Stanley Kubrick productions) we have a taste of various approaches to classical music, all on vinyl. I hope you enjoy! […]

Greetings! I was having so much fun throwing together a mix that I didn’t get to much talking this week. I did not comment on my playlist at all so see below for the list! This week I decided to play some more pop-y strange sounds and then transitioned into some jazz-y stuff, I hope […]

Sub for Soundtracks to Silence the City Asleep with DJ Jacob An all vinyl hour of Herbie Hancock! Featuring a good friend Ben Batten. I don’t know about putting the city to sleep, spinning these records jazzed Ben and I awake! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  

Hello// Second Episode // March 5 // Strange Sounds Radio Hour Enjoy Keep it STRANGE

After a bit of a rough/late start involving some rookie mistakes, I kicked off with my first show! I will move on to playing vinyl as soon as my training is complete, stay tuned! (Start around 13:55)

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