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Hello, Here are Sounds: Enjoy Episode 23. Playlist Below. -DJ Friday

Hello, I hope you enjoy episode XXII. It’s only going to get colder. Start around 1:50 I cut Going Home a little shorter than I needed to, apologies. Playlist below.

A Spooky Special! Some vintage vinyl from a collection titled: The Great Radio Horror Shows.   Playlist below. Have a great Halloween!

Hello, I got started a little late my show kicks in around 11:45 minutes into the hour. I was captured by KPSU’s BYOP (P: poetry, prose, performance) event, to be held once a term, which kept me into the start of my hour! Also – this nights show got a little loopy. I laid down […]

Hallo Jazzfreunde! This show provides a taste of the Jazz scene in Leipzig, Germany, my home for 8 years. Most of these albums were put out under the label EGOLAUT (“loud ego”)       Re-aired in correct order, I hope you enjoy! -DJ Friday

Hello Listeners, Welcome to this Hour of Dead, the Grateful ones that is.   Below is the Playlist

Greetings, Returned from a long and distant summer, I bring you these sounds. I had a pretty loose approach to this set, and started with some minor setbacks (Things really get going at around 10 mins into the podcast as I had to throw on the Automix after the first track because I was having […] Listeners, Here is another show featuring DJ Easy Ian! We run through an hour of vinyl bringing you more world rock, plus some atmospheric and alternative cuts. This is the last episode before the summer. I’ll be back fall term! Enjoy…

Hello listeners, Today I run a mix of a couple records. I hope you enjoy my selection! Here is the podcast:   I begin about 40 seconds in. An edited version may become available, as the ending is abrupt as well.   I hope you enjoy nevertheless!

Strange Sounds XIII & XIV featuring special guest Ian Anderson and a selection of his record collection. We play a two hour mix of vinyl: running through some funky sounds from around the world in the first and dipping into some new-age, more atmospheric cuts, in the second. Enjoy!      

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