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Hello, Found some new records since my last show! Dove into some classic rock and emerged in the Jazz/fusion zone (in the second hour) swooping into some new-age and finally arriving at our age! I played a two hour set this week to compensate for my missed show last week! First Hour: Second Hour: […]

Greetings! Tune in for Strange Sounds with DJ Friday, Fridays 7-8pm… Bring back the vinyl to KPSU this Winter Term! I hope you enjoy the mix:   Playlist Below. Keep it Strange!   -DJ Friday    

Greetings, This show was curated by Frank Winterbourne. Thank you for letting me play your great records! I look forward to having you in the studio in the future. I had not heard any of this music prior to the show, but trusted Frank’s choices, and they were good! Playlist and download below! Enjoy, […]

I play around with the CDJs and a few Flying Lotus Albums. Inspired by last night’s concert at the Roseland Theater. A selection from the Albums: Cosmogram Pattern+Grid World (vinyl) Until the Quiet Comes and You’re Dead!   I apologize that my method of playing my show did not allow me to record the […]

Enjoy a more rocky show this time!   Excuse the accidental on air cuing and the “well loved” last two cuts. (Plus I think the grounding was out for this show, so that’s the source of any buzzing.) ;( Keep those ears open! -DJ Friday

Hello, Here are Sounds: Enjoy Episode 23. Playlist Below. -DJ Friday

Hello, I hope you enjoy episode XXII. It’s only going to get colder. Start around 1:50 I cut Going Home a little shorter than I needed to, apologies. Playlist below.

A Spooky Special! Some vintage vinyl from a collection titled: The Great Radio Horror Shows.   Playlist below. Have a great Halloween!

Hello, I got started a little late my show kicks in around 11:45 minutes into the hour. I was captured by KPSU’s BYOP (P: poetry, prose, performance) event, to be held once a term, which kept me into the start of my hour! Also – this nights show got a little loopy. I laid down […]

Hallo Jazzfreunde! This show provides a taste of the Jazz scene in Leipzig, Germany, my home for 8 years. Most of these albums were put out under the label EGOLAUT (“loud ego”)       Re-aired in correct order, I hope you enjoy! -DJ Friday


Have a great radio time!

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