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Hello Ears, I am catching up a show I missed because I forgot my ID and was locked out… 🙁 Hasn’t been a good start of a DJing term for me, but I imagine circumstances will improve! To get over your frustration with how bad I’ve been listen in (was waiting for a recording in […]

Listeners, Some odd vinyl rock finds for your ears, if that’s your dig! This is Strange Sounds, Fridays 7-8pm with DJ Friday I hope you enjoy the mix and can keep warm and dry with some tunes! Show starts at the 13 minute mark! I was late 🙁     Playlist below… Keep your ears […]

See first original post here: Double Summer Show!

Hello, Here is a post of the double hour I did during the summer. Unfortunately, this was the only time I made it into the studio this past summer, but the show is a good one! Playlist below! Hour 1: Hour 2:   Enjoy, -DJ Friday

Jazz vinyl show! Playlist below… Enjoy, -DJ Friday

Enjoy some Classic Rock Couple pops and clicks, but that’s all part of the character of the medium. (+ some of these are from the KPSU cabinet, not my collection)   Playlist below… Best to you for the end of your term, or what ever you might be doing! -DJ Friday  

Enjoy some funky/jazzy vinyl sounds. Not records I’ve played much on the show, I hope you enjoy the mix.   As always: playlist up to date below. Enjoy the weekend! Almost reached summer! Hang in there with some good tunes! -DJ Friday

A vinyl hour of Chick Corea! Free Jazz to free yourself, just use your ears! Plus more mellow/ordered sounds later in the hour!   Playlist Below… -DJ Friday

An all vinyl set of some rock you are guaranteed to be unfamiliar with! Listen in!   Playlist below… -DJ Friday

Hello fellow ears, This show was to catch up on my show from Friday, because I got stuck at work. Future KPSU DJ, Nuffer is with me shadowing! Enjoy our mix!   Playlist Below, -DJ Friday


Have a great radio time!

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