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See previous post for full details. Download for second hour contained here!  

This is Strange Sounds An all vinyl show, brought to you from the subbasement of Smith by DJ Friday, Friday nights at 7. Start at 18″ Second Hour (See next post for download) See below for the playlist, -DJ Friday

Hello Ears, Catching up for the show I missed on Friday with some lovely Jazz and Jazzy records. I’m was working with one turntable in an all-vinyl show, so bear with the queuing! I hope you enjoy the mix! The xtra tracks in the second hour (not part of the download link): […]

WHY HAVE I NOT PLAYED FUSION YET? –GOOD QUESTION! I ONLY HAVE ONE ANSWER: Tune in for some fusion-y sounds hot off the plates! This is the first time I’ve focused on fusion/jazz this term, I hope you dig it! This is STRANGE SOUNDS with DJ Friday, brought to your ears Fridays at 7PM Enjoy […]

Enjoy some sounds for a rainy night! Had a shadow in today. Listen in at 7:30   Playlist below… Enjoy the mix, -DJ Friday

Hello Ears, I am catching up a show I missed because I forgot my ID and was locked out… 🙁 Hasn’t been a good start of a DJing term for me, but I imagine circumstances will improve! To get over your frustration with how bad I’ve been listen in (was waiting for a recording in […]

Listeners, Some odd vinyl rock finds for your ears, if that’s your dig! This is Strange Sounds, Fridays 7-8pm with DJ Friday I hope you enjoy the mix and can keep warm and dry with some tunes! Show starts at the 13 minute mark! I was late 🙁     Playlist below… Keep your ears […]

See first original post here: Double Summer Show!

Hello, Here is a post of the double hour I did during the summer. Unfortunately, this was the only time I made it into the studio this past summer, but the show is a good one! Playlist below! Hour 1: Hour 2:   Enjoy, -DJ Friday

Jazz vinyl show! Playlist below… Enjoy, -DJ Friday

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