Soundtracks to Silence the City

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Mellow mix of indie,alt.,electronica for study time, nap time or a nice walk through the city.

Filling in for Two Bird Theory (Thurs. 11-12) Laid back hip-hop/Chillstep mix for a chill night Explicit content  

Soundtracks to Silence the City: Summer Blues Alt/Blues/Southern rock mix from today with a  touch from the past. Enjoy

Drown out the noise of the city on a sunny day and hang out to this sunny day playlist.

Upbeat soundtrack for that sunny day! Enjoy! Soundtracks to Silence the City will resume normal show time (Sun.3-4) on April 3rd!

First KPSU show for Soundtracks to Silence the City, weekly show to come Sundays 3-4pm starting at the end of March.

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