Real Soon In Rose City

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After some initial technical difficulties, we got all the songs by all the bands playing Portland in the next week into the show! Due to said issues, there’s unfortunately no recording this week, but here are the dates and venues: Date Band Venue Friday July 15th Lauren Sheehan Cathedral Park Jazz Festival The Pine Hill […]

This week’s picks: Date Band Venue Friday 24th Lindsay Clark The Old Church Band of Comerados The Get Down Saturday 25th Chali 2na & Cut Chemist The Getdown Sunday 26th Palomino Joyride Doug Fir Friday 24th Friday 24th Monday 27th Aldous Harding Crystal Ballroom Tuesday 28th Justin Peake No Fun Wednesday 29th Crowey Holocene Threedom […]

This week, the best songs released during the 2021-22 school year!

A properly researched show that may have experienced some technical difficulties in the first 10 minutes… Don’t forget – KPSU, PSPS, and PSPB are bringing Hayley Heynderickx, ePP, Chipped Nail Polish, and Ignoring Olivia to the Park Blocks outside Smith on Friday 5.27 – free, and there’ll be free food for PSU students as well! […]

A properly researched show for a change! Here’s the full list of shows: Date Band Venue Friday, May 6th Widowspeak Polaris Hall Crumb Revolution Hall Ron Artis II and The Truth Stage 722 Moonchild Hawthorne Theater Moon Hooch Wonder Ballroom Left on Tenth Alberta St Pub Saturday, May 7th Trupa Trupa Doug Fir Lounge Crumb […]

Finally, a properly researched show this week! With word on the upcoming albums from Warpaint and Kevin Morby also, as well as an upcoming KPSU show. Here are the details: Date Band Venue Fri 4.1 Margaristas Podridas Polaris Hall WEEED Alberta Abbey The Shivas Doug Fir Sat 4.2 Hempress Sativa Jack London Revue Brainstory Mississippi […]

This week’s surprise bonus spring break ep went unrecorded due to mystery reasons, but, for copyright reasons, here is the playlist…

This week it’s the official Real Soon in Rose City soundtrack to of the Winter Term in a two hour special.

This week is one of those ‘just the best tracks’ weeks (although they are coming from the record and CD players… which does mean more technical difficulties!

Kick back with this mellow setlist of sexy guitar and ambient music. Subbed by the Afternoon Mix.

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