Pointless Forest

Our second stroll through the Pointless Forest! Fighting digital monsters and stepping over passed-out St. Patrick’s revilers, oh what a trip this was… I hope you were able to make it out, but if not, we’ve all agreed to meet up right where we left off, two weeks from now on Friday, March the 31st, […]

Our inaugural stroll through the Pointless Forest. We see some of Brazil’s finest sleeping in a patch of maidenhair ferns, meet up with our old pals Belle and Sebastian, watch Charles Bradley show off his soul chops in the camas prairie, and finally kick back and watch Built to Spill live from the early 2000’s […]

Wherein we descend into another manic Monday with Oblio and the gang… tune in every other Friday from 8-10 PST for more regularly scheduled pointless shenanigans! (Next show is 3/3 !!!) Track list below, the Spotify playlist has some bonus features 🙂 https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/2JFXIOW0FljIecSMGXOK73?utm_source=generator  

Maxwell’s roundup for the trial-run Pointless Forest! Hence the name, you have entered the pointless forest, the direction is unclear, the point is to end up somewhere. I’m looking to involve poetry and other creative functions in the future ;). See below for track list! https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/4lcnb5R8IwwfBSAPVaNsOb?utm_source=generator  

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