2022 Psychic Predictions made by some of the Heavy Hitters of the Fore-Sight Community: Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, Old Moore’s Almanac, and Nicolas Aujula. I also finish off my back log of weird news stories from 2021. Friendly, foul-mouthed crow befriends entire Oregon elementary school. Marauding Monkeys Wage ‘Revenge War’ on Canines in Indian Village. Florida […]

Fill-in show. Lighter music. Nine hour exorcism, Ex-treasure hunter still in jail, Slithering Snake burglar steals thousands from salon.

2 hour special! Tonight we are talking about the assassination of Dimebag Darrel Abbott. Assassination of John Lennon. Man attacked by croc he thought was fake. Mysterious explosion in New York. Mass bird death in Spain. “Mysterious Hut” found on moon. Woman caught breast feeding her cat. Teen murder in Alaska for $9million. Bomb squad called to Hospital after man gets WWII mortar stuck up his bottom. Two school resource officers and a nurse exposed to fentanyl from student’s vape pen. Dozens of camels barred from Saudi beauty contest over Botox. Escape attempt with bedsheets thwarted at Paris prison. Italian dentist presents fake arm for vaccine to get Covid Vax. Homeowner tries to smoke out snakes, burns down house

Tonight we listened to instrumental music; and did a small dive into three bits of true crime history.

This week we talk about contemporary Texas based medical serial killers: Billy Chemirmir & William Davis. Colombia’s most prolific serial killer petitions for parole. Man laid to rest in his trunk. Second Sphinx found in Egypt.

Zodiac killer identified. Pay per view autopsy in Portland. French Tonya Harding. Ghost of Aileen Wuornos haunts Florida dive bar.

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