Night Driving

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This was supposed to be all of M83 “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” but thing got weird.

This was a cool playlist.  All over the place.  get some?

Denali is the best band.  You listened to it, cause I made you.

Appleseed Cast all show long.   Middle States is one of the most underrated post rock emo albums of all time.

This is best show I’ve done this school year.


Tracks from local bands for the upcoming weekend

This record is so damn good we are just going to listen to the whole thing.

I was first introduced to La Dispute over the summer by my younger sister while on a road-trip through southwestern Canada over the summer.   At first, it felt like a watered down conglomeration of several bands that I liked, and I think at times it still does.  I thought it was worth another chance, […]


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