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Hey guys! This week on Mood Swings I’m laying down a super experimental jazz/electronic album with my guy Andrew Allen. Foley Room  is the sixth studio album by Amon Tobin and it is by far my favorite. The combination of jazz and electronic music really blends to make certain vibe that puts me in a […]

April 21, 2016

This week on Mood Swings I’m laying down some intensity in the mix. I’ve been getting pretty into EDM and thought I’d share some of my favorite tracks with you guys. This mix makes me want to turn off the lights (except for maybe a strobe light) and turn the bass up all the way. […]

Hey guys! This week I’m spinning one of my favorite contemporary disco albums. Skylar Spence (formerly known as Saint Pepsi) is one of the finest artists out there when it comes to crafting dance beats. Prom King is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of all time. Every song on the album makes me […]

Hey guys, it’s been a bit but I’m back with a crazy good math rock band from France called TotorRo. These guys kill it with every track. The energy is infectious and each song has a catchy groove. Lately I’ve been on a huge prog rock/metal kick and I fell in love with these guys […]

Hey guys, this week I’m spinning a mix dedicated to a lit spring brake. This music makes me want to drive really fast at night. It makes me want to go to a hip/edgy club with neon lights and party like it’s 1975. This is Technoir and Outrun. Happy Spring Break. Party Hard DJ Ekonomiks

Dawn of Midi is quite possibly the most interesting form of music I have ever encountered. Their entire sound is based on rhythm and an almost mechanical structure. The name suggests that the whole album is an electronic production – made in a computer with MIDI – but that’s not the case. This record was […]

Hey folks! This week on Mood Swings I bring you some killer dance vibes and chill beats with Fat Freddy’s Drop “Based On A True Story”. Hailing from New Zealand, this reggae-funkadelic band is composed of 7 members who have dedicated their lives to bringing sick beats to the masses. This album is definitely in […]

** SKIP TO 5M FOR AUDIO ** “Here Be Dragons” is one of the craziest albums I’ve ever listened to. The ambience and instrumentation of the Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble is unlike any other group I’ve encountered. The album has an intensity that can only be described as black flame; it is . The percussion is […]

Don’t even get me started on Ben Darwish. This album “Industrial Hero” (2006) has one of the most unique sounds I’ve ever heard; it’s a blend of heavy industrial hip hop and jazz fusion. His chord progressions are out of this world and the energy the band brings to the table is unreal. Each song has a […]

Suh Dude, This week I’m spinning a classic wavy dance party album “Our Love” by Caribou. This record is one of the most vibey and atmospheric albums I’ve ever heard. The composition of each song consists of rich soundscapes and crazy weird synthesizers with trippy vocal samples layered on top of a driving beat and bassline. Dan […]

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