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Shout outs to Caleb Gummanow for this playlist. He’s the homie that got me into future funk and retro wave. This week I’m gonna be spinning a playlist of some funky retro beats from the likes of Flamingosis, Mura Masa, Com Truise, and Blank Banshee. This playlist is a celebratory end to midterms and a […]

What’s good everyone, Coming at you this week with a great psychedelic rock album called “Nothing Bothers Me” by Triathalon. Shout outs to Kenny Snitzer for turning me onto this band, I’ve been bumping it for the past 2 weeks!┬áThis band is really groovy and dreamy,┬áthe first thing I noticed was how much reverb they […]

What’s up with it! This week I’m bringing you some tunes I’ve been bumping since the early summer. “Wanderflower” by Jadu Heart is one of the most unique EP’s I’ve heard in a while. Definitely also the most vibey tape I’ve heard all year. It’s one of those albums that I can’t really justify listening […]

Hey guys, I’ve got a really sweet pair of albums for you this week. I’m starting off with a really unique and atmospheric album by Bon Iver: “22, A Million”. This album, from front to back is a real trip. The music consists of extremely processed vocals and samples that take me to this psychedelic […]

What’s good, Comin at you this week with two records I recently discovered. The first is the latest LP from LA bassist Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner. This man has an incredible discography with dozens of features with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, and Childish Gambino. His latest solo record “The Beyond […]

Hey hey hey~ It’s that time of the year again and ya’ boy is back in the booth for your listening pleasure! This week I’m spinning a Japanese Jazz album by Ryo Fukui entitled Scenery – CLASSIC ALERT – this album blew me away at first listen and I’ve been bumping it for the better […]

Hey guys! Finals just finished up and I’m hyped for the summer. That’s why I’m playing one of my favorite summer albums. SBTRKT is a british producer and singer. His production is definitely unique but still has a dancey vibe to it. It’s that album you can put on in the summer nights when you […]

Hey all! This week on Mood Swings I’m playing another personal favorite of mine. Tycho “Dive” has probably the most listens in my entire library (over 60 full listens) and the reason for that is just the unique ambience it has coupled with the driving energy of the instrumentation. Tycho crafts each song to ebb […]

Hey guys, this week I’m spinning a new record (just out last week) and boy am I excited. 99.9% is one of the grooviest, well produced album put out this year. Every beat on the record is catchy and makes me want to move. The instrumentation is super original and funky. On top of that, […]

What’s up everyone! This week on Mood Swings I’m spinning a record that is extremely close to my heart. The Clear Blue Pearl is a story album written and composed by my former music teacher Ben Darwish. To say that this album is a big influence on my musical taste is a drastic understatement. I’ve […]

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