MO Jamz

  I had the pleasure of catching up with Plastic Picnic, smooth, indie-pop/rock group based in Brooklyn, recently while they were rolling through Portland. Read on to learn more about how they started as a group, their writing process, and what inspires them. KPSU: Can you start by introducing yourselves and telling me what you do […]

Amanda, my coworker first and friend second, joins me on MO JAMZ to play a few of her favorite songs.

Here is Nick’s perfect playlist! Listen to us talk about Michelle Obama, neapolitan ice cream, and more.

Okay folks – don’t ask me how, but Josiah convinced me to let him do eight, that’s right, eight songs. Listen to us talk about Disney, Full House, Shrek (naturally), and more. Also, here’s that visual for the Three Musketeers song: x. This is, apparently, Josiah’s perfect playlist.

Angela’s Perfect Playlist!

Pete’s perfect playlist! Listen to us go off on far too many tangents!

Whitney’s Perfect Playlist: A Journey Through The Life or Mrs. DePaoli. Here is a semi-exclusive photo of us having a gr8 time Thank you, WhitWhit! Congrats on being a college graduate!!!

Dominique’s perfect playlist!

Jarin’s perfect playlist!

Emma’s perfect playlist! I let her do six songs because I love her. Terrible photo of us having a great time. Why is my hand so long?

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