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“Pffft, Radio Schmadio! is the proper response to this weeks installment of Left of the Dial which (coincidentally) features the work of Nilsson Schmilsson and a brief tip-of-the-hat to Wilco Schmilco and plenty else in between, of course. Chris-R is broadcasting some exquisite sounds FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION called the KPSU sub-basement along with an appearance […]

Today’s broadcast is a real treat, a broadcast that is truly filled to the brim with exciting new finds. Chris-R hosts Left of the Dial and welcomes you to join on a journey down this radio rabbit hole. https://soundcloud.com/user-533321737/reelin-and-rockin-and-rockin-and-reelin     Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space -Spiritualized “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating […]

I decided to jump in tonight and play a few ethereal sounding songs to chill out to, mostly in the ambient, trip-hop, and IDM genres. Brian Eno, creator of Ambient music designed the sounds to be “as ignorable as it is listenable” so I hope that puts us all in the proper state of mind. […]

Are ‘Friends’ Electric? –Gary Numan Are friends electric, what a question indeed. Electronic prodigy and synthesizer architect Gary Numan presents a stark display to what the possibilities of an all-digital sound may have in store. Despite having what may be considered a direct footprint onto the burgeoning keyboard and drum machine driven sound that would later dominate the […]

Steer clear of Cupid’s arrows on this installment of Left of the Dial where we explore songs that revolve around the most universal emotion found in songwriting: LOVE. Whether it be from a positive or other outlook, anything goes on this playlist which attempts to not only explore every angle of the emotion itself but […]

Our title today is only rhetorical as you want it to be, as this weeks rendition of Left of the Dial jumps through various colour swatches until we discover which proper shading we want. Join your host Chris-R on a journey to a place where no stone is left unturned, in the breath-taking adventure of […]

This week’s installment of Left of the Dial is a trip, it’s got a funky beat and you can really bug out to it! Chris-R is back at it again, playing rockin’ tunes and breakin’ hearts left right and center, as he is joined by a new cohost, who is quite the saucerful of secrets […]

Left of the Dial makes a stunning return to form from in this Wednesday installment, as Chris-R and an enigmatic co-host take the listener (that’s YOU!) through a frenzied whirlwind of sonic illustrations. What Ever Happened to Pong? -Frank Black Starting off our setlist is Black Francis of post-Pixies fame, with a 1:34 punch to the […]

The inaugural broadcast of Left of the Dial, an assortment of deep cuts and extra goodies from the classic vinyl age of music and beyond. Join this installments journey that spans from Glam Rock eccentricities (Roxy Music, Sweet), gritty post-punk acts that gnash their teeth just as much as they groove (The Slits, The Psychedelic […]

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