Jam of the Week

I’ve been a bit moody and nostalgic this week, and grape jam is this dark purple jam that everyone has eaten as a kid. It’s my least favorite jam, but I cannot deny that grape jam is a flavor profile that is incredibly nostalgic. It tastes like childhood. It also is this moody dark purple, […]

Doing another cover today, and I’m playing some good study music since finals are coming around. I have had so many assignments and papers due, so this mix of relaxing songs fit what I need this week.  

This name is a little unorthodox, as there is no such thing as Weevil Jam. But I haven’t been able to stop listening to Boll Weevil by The Presidents of The United States. This is my favorite song at the moment, and it’s the only thing I can name this playlist. everything in this playlist […]

Covering for HellaBella today, and this week has felt like boysenberry jam. A little sour, but sweet enough to be enjoyable. Here are some songs that I feel embody that.

I put together a nice ambient playlist for this lazy Sunday, hope you enjoy!

I’ve been sick with covid for the past week, just tested negative yesterday. Very busy with schoolwork and don’t have a playlist ready, so I’m going to be playing my sisters playlist, which I really like. She has given me permission.

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