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Today I talked with Katie Pryde Founder of the comic shop Books with Pictures, a store dedicated to inclusivity and diversity. We discussed those concepts and what they looked like with in the comics medium. We also just geeked out about some of our favorite books. Check out their location and website here: Books With […]

Today I explored the European side of comics specifically the French-Belgian ones with Professor of French; Anabelle Dolidon as my tour guide through books like Alone, Snowpiercer, and a little Tintin. Dolidon’s Recommendations: Catherine Meurisse’s LIGHTNESS. Jacques Tardi on WWII and his series Adele Blanc-Sec. Mathieu Bablet and his sci-fi comics such as Carbon&Silicon. Chabout√©’s […]

Today, my guest is Dr. Susan Kirtley, founder and director of Portland State University’s Comic Studies program, Eisner winning author of Typical Girls, and Lynda Barry. Episode Link Kirtley is always a familiar face in any comics event at PSU and I was amazed at how much time and energy she put into my humble […]

I felt like I needed a lot more time to do research, and since I had a lot of interviews coming up… I decided to be lazy and just play some of my favorite songs that I’ve played in the past. Lazy might be a little mean, I really just decided to do what a […]

I finally return to Astro-City, and hopefully convinced someone to start reading. here’s the link to the episode:

My first Interview on the show was a blast. I acidentally forgot to turn on the right mic when we started so I ended up having to redub over my lines during the editing process. Every once in a while you’ll hear the original “Not studio Level” audio creep up but otherwise, it should be […]

Episode Link is found here and down below: In which, your handsome host, begins his journey in between panels with an analysis of the comic adaptation of Superman versus the KKK. The story of Superman as he races to come to terms with his own heritage as he races to protect a Chinese-American family […]

Five superhero comics that aren’t bogged down by complicated continuity. Invincible, Dial H: For Hero, Astro-City, Black Hammer, Radiant Black, all superhero books in one way or another but all have pretty straight forward plots, little to no crossovers, and the rabbit that helps me edits these scripts seem to like them a lot so […]

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