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A slightly different episode this week on I Have A Question. I have my friend Irma on the show to discuss Sinstas, Reality TV, Dating and Different types of people and of course much more. Part 2: Here

On this exciting two hour episode, I have one of my former professors Dr. Lisa Bates on the show. On this episode, we talk about, Drake, Homogeneous society, Immigration, Eternal life and like always much much more! Part 2: Here

On this bonus episode of “I Have a Question”, I have my friends Josh and Alex on the show. We dissuades various subjects like green energy, whether the sun is god, the cute girl paradox, comedy, canned food and other weird things! Part 2: Here

On this weeks episode I have my good friend Mark on to talk about what is Freedom?, Mr Rodgers, Masculinity, Karl Marx and much more! Part 2 of the show here: Click Here

No guest this episode because its dead week! So I just have some tunes (Lofi and other things) and questions for you the listeners. Hope you enjoy.

On this weeks episode, I have my friend Alex on to talk about various things. The ramblings of a mad man, emo kids, stereotyping people, and acceptance are just a few topics we talk about.

On this bonus episode I have my friend Nick on to talk about music, love and some other stuff. Part two if the show: Here  

On this weeks episode, I have Stephen Marotta on the show to talk about music, raising children, LGBTQ stuff and the environment. click this link for the last few minutes of the show: Here  

Link to the full show: Click Here Skip to 0:38 My first go at a radio show! Skip to the last 6 ish minutes to hear a small interview with one of the station managers Joe.


Have a great radio time!

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