Hyperactive Youth

Nora and Sydney share their opinions about gossiping!

This week Nora and Sydney have special guest Marigny, Nora’s mom! They discuss the cultural differences between New Orleans and Oregon and what growing up there for Marigny and Nora was like.

Nora and Sydney do a cover show featuring the new album AURORA by Daisy Jones & The Six.

Nora and Sydney discuss their favorite books they have recently discovered along with new tv shows and movies coming out as adaptations.

Nora and Sydney have special guest Flora on to talk about college life and pop culture.

Nora and Sydney explore their relationships through the game We Are Not Really Strangers!

This week is a music set played by Nora.

Nora and Sydney talk about some of their experiences with men!

Sydney and Nora discuss their winter breaks activities!!

Nora and Sydney talk about Christmas traditions and going home for the break!

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