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“The richness of a man is proportional to the amount of things he can afford to let alone”-Thoreau   Don’t have much to say other than enjoy this mix!

Life may not always seem to be the ideal experience that we had thought as a child where the most complex problems amount to being grounded from N64 for a week or two. It is a tough experience, this life, no matter whose flip flops you fit into. While the challenges that are presented to […]


  Time is a limiting factor recently. I did not have time to curate a mix that I thought was suitable for a broadcast so I dug out this old mix CD that I made for a friend last year.    Enjoy!!!

Life comes at you fast, so it can be hard to craft a DJ set at midnight the night before you have you KPSU timeslot at 9 am. Looking through my music collection I was wanting to find an album to play in it’s entirety like I had done a couple weeks ago with Tim […]

  This playlist is dedicated to the 88 keys of the piano..    

  Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath, 1972  “Written Winter 2010 in Montreal and Banff Recorded July 21, 2010 at Frikirkjan Church, Reykjavik, Iceland Engineered by Ben Frost and Paul Coreley Written for computer, pipe organ, synthesizer, piano, microphone and guitar amp feedback Additional piano by Ben Frost Mastered by James Plotkin Cover artwork courtesy MIT Museum Artwork layout […]

I had the intent to broadcast this last Friday but became quite ill and was unable to make it to the studio. I catered the mix towards someone who is feeling despondent due to media bombardment and the contagious dread that looms over Portland as of lately. The music is meant to uplift and put […]

Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping A mix of tunes I made some days ago and recently withdrew it from the archives for this radio show. I added the Tipper track just for fun and for a challenge for listeners. The mix was not close to an hour long so I played the Godspeed track to […]

  Today, Float Tank featured Colorado-based independent music producer Weston Rundle. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Portland State University, he returned to his hometown of Denver, Colorado to explore a different music scene while also surrounding himself with the Rocky Mountain atmosphere he was raised within. For this Float Tank session, Weston […]