Fighting Rose

Well y’all, this wraps it up for another year of Fighting Rose. Hey – we made it through a lot together – remember the election? Portland’s Snowpocalypse 2k17? Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed these tunes as much as I have, and don’t forget that all the super rad playlists we’ve shared this year will still […]

Is summer finally here? For real? I certainly hope so — because I think it’s time for BBQs and classic rock playing from crappy outdoor speakers. Just to be sure, though, join Fighting Rose (and ELO) in summoning some sunshine with these feel-good tunes.

The weather changes — from minute to minute if you live in the Pacific Northwest — relationships change, jobs change… But you know what isn’t going to change? Classic Rock. It’ll always be there for you. Like now, for instance. So download this playlist.

Be safe — try to be responsible — and have a good time. That’s what this week’s show is all about. Cheers!

Can we all just take a moment to admire this silk-kimonoed, open-shirted, luscious blonde beauty? I really think someone should take up the torch and bring 70’s style à la Peter Frampton to the 20k’s.

. Have you ever just really wanted to listen to a great Heart song, and the universe is against you? No? Well it’s gonna happen to you tonight, but I promise Fighting Rose finally delivers. Just keeping you on your toes. Cheers

These tracks don’t get enough love. That’s all I have to say. Love them.

We all know that there are some classic rock songs out there that Just. Did. Everything. Right. And that will stand the test of time, without a doubt. We also know that some radio stations seem to take great delight in testing said songs, by playing them Every. Single. Day. Usually more than once, in fact. Turn […]

First of all, happy best-holiday-of-year. Second of all, this playlist is probably going to be a little abrasive on the ears if you’re listening to it on the morning of the 18th — I’d recommend nursing the damage you did last night, then starting over because these songs are really meant to accompany stout and […]

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