Em’s World

Hey my fellow radio people, this week I just pulled some awesome songs with some awesome guitar riff’s or solo’s or just some really hard and musically talented stuff. I hope you all loved it! And that’s all I really have to say to you this week. Stay snazzy wonderful humans! 😉 Em (P.S. For […]

So I am super random on my show and I hope some of you that listen can appreciate this. But you know when you switch music modes? Like for a while you were really into Pop music and top 40 stuff for no explainable reason and then you go into an oldie, 80’s music stage […]

Bass appreciation week here on Em’s World because music just isn’t the same as it used to be and I think its so awesome to go back and remember a time when you could distinguish instruments rather than hearing synthesizer’s only. But regardless, we will always have that sexy bass sound in good music for […]

Because of the impending no sleep week that arises before finals week, this week I decided to try and help your Monday afternoon with some nice background study music. I hope everyone enjoys studying their hearts out and trying to salvage grades. I know at this time of a term, I usually feel like all […]

Well this week we listened to one of my personal favorite albums all the way through; The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. For those that don’t know the album I highly recommend listening to it all the way through, in the dark, and just do nothing. Don’t forget to tune in next […]

Welcome to my first official week! All these songs were straight from the time when I first discovered iTunes and bought all the songs that would inevitably be played at my middle school mixers. The awkward memories come rushing back! Ahhhh, those were a simpler times but I sure as hell don’t miss those times. […]

Welcome Music-lings! Lets start off with a Bang! My name is Emily with the new show Em’s World. The idea behind it is that I get to introduce all you wonderful listeners to the music I love and hope that you love it as much. Some of it will be mainstream, some old classics, some […]

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