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Another week, another episode. This is this first time that I made a playlist too long. That Dog will have to wait until next week. Stay sad, DJ Sandwich

It’s February 16, 2016 so her’s another episode. Last week’s show didn’t get posted somehow but I guess that’s okay. We talk about some local news as well as our 2024 campaign platform. Also the Pinegrove record came out. It’s all I’ve been listening to and it’s my favorite thing to come out this year […]

It’s February 2, 2016 and here is another episode. Elliot an Aleks are now official members of the esteemed Emotherapy panel so they are here to stay until they aren’t. Also, this week we are joined by our friend Cameron Cumming.  We talk about super powers.  

Here is Episode 4 of the show. We talk about hoverboards, mispronouncing Nicki Minaj, and the most vital things to do if you are in Portland according to Elliot’s magazine. It’s 2 hours long this time. The second hour is above the download link for the first hour because formatting. Also this week I’d like […]

It’s January 12, 2015! Today I am joined by my friends Elliot and Aleks. Nonsense ensues. Enjoy! Or Don’t!

Hour 2 of the show. Top 10. Here you go.

Hour 1 of Emotherapy’s Episode 2 Extravaganza. Here’s a bunch of songs from albums I liked this year that didn’t quite crack my top 10 list. Other albums from this year that I didn’t quite fit in: Defeater – Abandoned Deafheaven –  New Bermuda Beach Slang – The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like […]

Here’s the intro episode of Emotherapy, hosted by me, Kyle. Being that it’s the first episode, I put on some songs by a bunch of my favorite artists.

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