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2016 has been a big year for Pinegrove, an indie rock band from Montclair, New Jersey. In February they released Cardinal, their full-length debut on Run For Cover Records. In the Spring they toured with Into It. Over It, The World Is A Beautiful and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, and The Sidekicks. […]

Hello, world! We haven’t done an episode in a couple weeks. Life got busy! This is the last week of the term and the show will not be continuing through the summer so I decided to use this week to highlight my favorite releases of the year so far. We might be back in the […]

Here is the April 23 episode. I think sound effects are hilarious. That said, we will probably never use them again.   Also on a side note, I meant to mention it but I recently discovered that PWR BTTM did a tiny desk concert at NPR at the beginning of the month. This band is […]

Another week, another episode of Emotherapy

We’re back! After a long break that was out of our control, Emotherapy is here again play you the saddest and raddest. The new showtime is at 7:00pm on Saturdays. There’s a moment towards the end of this episode that may be confusing. Khayman’s microphone fell off it’s fell off it’s stand. See you next […]

On March 29th, Citizen and Turnover will be playing at The Analog Theater with support from Sorority Noise and Milk Teeth. This tour is interesting because Citizen and Turnover both started out as pop punk bands, released very similar-sounding albums in 2013 but took their music into two significantly different directions. These same reasons make me very excited […]

It’s a day late but here is the new episode! The show before us leaks a little bit into the beginning. My phone crashed and I lost the playlist from this episode so it’s gonna be full of surprises. I know the last song If Work Permits by The Format so there you go. No […]

Hello! If you’re wondering where episode 9 is, I forgot to upload it last week. As far as anybody’s concerned, it never happened. I can’t even remember last week! Elliot and Aleks had finals to work on so this episode is all me. It’s also a music heavy one because I blew my voice over […]

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