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Embrace what some call the darkness. Dark harmony, man in the dark sedan, dark life. But this is actually the penumbra, the twilight zone. Total darkness isn’t that interesting unless you’re in a tactile dome. Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern is not for everyone. Discontinue use and consult your doctor or witch doctor if you experience fatigue, nausea, or ennui.

The takeaway from this week’s Magic Lantern program: everything is extraordinary. And it’s an eclectic form of extraordinary, embracing second-wave skiffle, Dixieland, Krautrock, sci-fi, and, of course, satirical covers of pop standards. If there were a theme to this program, it would be sound poetry. Hugo Ball and Kurt Schwitters prefigured the Mysterious N. Senada’s […]

Season 2 of Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern begins with a journey into unknown musical territory. Magma is a French band that somehow defined its own genre: at the intersection of progressive rock, jazz, choral, opera, and plain old madness lies a music called Zuehl. Don’t ask me to explain it, nor the invented language of Kobaia, […]

Welcome once again to the Magic Lantern, where we explore musical expressions of existential angst and other philosophical paradoxes. This week finds me a bit unapologetic in committing to a dark vision of the universe. But it’s not all gloom and doom, because there’s FREE CHEESECAKES FOR EVERYBODY! Aaaaand the award for Best Use of a […]

This week’s installment of Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern verges on self-referential singularity, but ultimately does not collapse into a time vortex of satirical renderings of classic rock songs. What exemplars we hear are indeed exemplary; expect nothing but the finest. An 8-bit version of “Airbag” is of special note. There’s lots of flying and birds and beehives and […]

Hope you brought your earthquake kit, because I’m about to rock your house. Or something. It’s part two of the Magic Lantern for March 1, 2016. Find part one here. We’re solidly in bat country here, we’ll need that lantern fer shurrrr. I also brought a pandapandapanda, which is at least three times more magical […]

Spring doesn’t officially start for three weeks, but tell that to the beautiful blooming trees that line my street. Radiowise, podcast-wise, it’s moderately dark and wacky in the sub-basement of Portland State. Let’s have a laugh and squiggle around in our seats while we type stuff at one another. This is part one of a special two-part episode, […]

Yo peeps, it’s DJ Dr. Yo comin’ at ya with the Magic Lantern program! This week we take an introspective journey, a dark mid-afternoon of the soul, as it were. Dance around or just mope, it’s your option. I’ve provided a solid selection of weirdo cover versions from which to choose. Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern is not […]

Hey hey, my my! Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern spans the decades, bringing forth oddities and standbys alike. Ever wonder what kind of noise the bastard child of Neil Young and DEVO might make? Fancy a bit of Japanese electrofunk? DJ Shadow asks about your soul’s appearance, and Blixa Bargeld takes you on a garden tour. Bloodcurdling shrieks, power […]

Experience the inaugural episode of Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern in all its flawed, wabi-sabi glory. The actual music starts about five minutes into the podcast file. Oopsie-daisy! The chills! The spills! The distortion, intentional and otherwise! It’s a random journey through six decades of alternapopuloplulis psychetradupabulum! Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern is not for everyone. Discontinue use and […]


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