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Life, it’s not just a fun cereal. What the hell am I talking about. Well honestly . .. . I have no idea, I mean Life, do any of us have ANY idea whatsoever?!? Better yet, as far as this “physical” space is considered. Perhaps this isn’t a space at all, in the physical sense. This monitor that […]

This episode originally streamed over the interwebz LIVE on the tuesday morning represented by the 5th of May. This is the 12 entry into the Birds of a Feather show concept, and this show’s connective tissue was the breeding ground of amazing music that we know as Georgia. Georgia is known as the Peach State, […]

This episode, Goodnight sweet Prince, originally aired on the 26th of April. Five days prior the great purple pageantry of passion that was Prince Rogers Nelson at the age of 57. Apparently of drug assisted heart failure. Then again I am not an ME, nor have I read the official coroner’s report, because well. .. . […]

This show The New Nue , which originally streamed (IF my notes are correct) on the 19th of April, it is a brand new show concept for me and rather obvious in its titling. Basically it is an effort on my part to search out new bands, artists, sounds or genres. Granted for the most part […]

Buddhists have a BIG ONE called SAMSARA, this is metaphorically, metaphysically speaking … of course. This episode, originally streamcast on the 5th of April in the Gregorian year Two Thousand Sixteen, is another installment of my recurring concept Birds of a Feather, which is what the BOF in the title stands for. These shows feature set […]

This show originally aired on the 29th of March, 2016. I was having some trouble making it down to the studio, work related snafus, they wouldn’t return my stapler. An Odd Party.  The “title” of this episode, An Odd Party, is purely a subjective glance (from my opinion, of course) at the playlist. This rotating show concept, […]

This episode; originally broadcast March 1st of 2016, was .. , hell IS pretty much a version of Birds of Feather. There is an actual connective tissue through the playlist, however I enjoy simply calling it Storytime! instead. Outside of the first track, which was admittedly simply  Storytime! an emergency bathroom break track, the remaining […]

Birth of MTV  This episode originally “aired” on the 2nd of February. It’s the sixth installment of my running history of where I come from as a human being, a critic, an artist, and a consumer of content  .. musically speaking. This 6th installment has us arriving at the early 80’s which coincided with the […]

This show originally aired the 9th of February, it is an Aural look inside ELEVENPDX MAG. Which is to say that I focused on artists featured in a copy of the magazine. Now on to some nonsensical inanity to fill up some space. Why am I using these posts to simply ramble on and on, and […]

Time for Birds of a Feather vol. 10. This show’s playlist is linked by the words of the day. That’s right it’s GROUNDHOG DAY! (again). Damn do I love that movie. What I did hear though, was take the phrase and chop it into three songs twice. Ground, Hog, Day. These words will each be […]

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