Discoveries and Epiphanies

To summer days, the cassette tapes in my best friend’s Subaru, and the countless times I saw The Head and The Heart live. Today is nostalgic af, pointing to the times when I was young and lived more North (like basically Canada).

Focusing more on producers than the artists this week. Some bold beats and smooth sounds <3

The V Day playlist for all ur lovers

For anyone who missed out on the Grammy drama. After people brought up how male centric the awards show was, producers said that women needed to “step up” in the music industry. So I decided to put together a playlist of women who kicked butt in 2017.

NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW! New Charlotte Day Wilson, new Tinashe, new SiR, new Drake. Only the best for my RnB bbs <3

I’m seeing Tyler the Creator this weekend, which means I searched long and hard for a Tyler the Creator song that was not explicit. I found it in a Kali Uchis song, which led me down a rabbit hole of beautiful female voices and here we are. A Tyler playlist that sounds nothing like Tyler […]

I’m going to see SiR and Miguel next month and I’m super pumped for the show. I put together a playlist with some of their tunes and more <3

Took a trip to Seattle to see Kid Cudi last week and I’m still riding that high so I figured I’d make a Cudi show.

Feeling thankful today and ready for two dayz off school! So I’m playing some kehlani :))))

The best phase of all: Teenage angst

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