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Today we covered 3 shows. Instrumentals all the way though, was very relaxing. Hope you all loved the variety. Mostly was great gaming Music I have found and worth listening too.

Today we talked about love and romance considering its valentines day. We talked about the origins of kissing and how it was written in ancient Hindu texts that kissing was an action we did to inhale each others souls. The fact that someone could love each other so much that a regular embrace wasn’t enough […]

“in no rush. i am learning you slowly. i am taking my time here. that is not to say that curiosity isn’t a fire within me. (because it is). (because you are). but rather, that i am in no rush. that i think i will stay here for a while.” – unknown This playlist was […]

“who am i? i am always caught in-between. between the urge to hide and the wanting to be seen. between the excitement of uncertainty and the safety of absolutes. between the yearning for freedom and the idea of having roots. i am an ever-shifting ocean pulled back and forth between the tide. a forever-swinging pendulum, […]

This was the first in person session we’ve have in over a month. I’ve missed being in the studio. Getting back to class has been interesting. I managed to get COVID during right after winter break ended, along with everyone else it seems. Excited to see how this term treats us! This week I wanted […]

””You’re not a monster,” I said. What I really wanted to say was that a monster is not such a terrible thing to be. From the Latin root monstrous, a divine messenger of catastrophe, then adapted by the Old French to mean an animal of myriad origins: centaur, griffin, satyr. To be a monster is […]

“Give yourself time. Ideas’ll come. Life’ll shake you, roll you, maybe embrace you. The music’ll find you.” -Johnny and V, in unison. This playlist was of all my favorite bangers from Cyberpunk 2077! Stated off with the beginning theme to what Cyberpunk was all about, then I ended it with the final song from the […]

“They call me observant. That’s not particularly true. People are so easy to read – we bleed emotions even in the way we drink our coffee. No one seems to notice though. They’re all too busy drinking their own damn coffee.” This playlist was more of a Part 2 to the last one. Igniting the […]

We listened to a rather chill vibe tonight. Chill lofi study vibes. Hope you all got a good nights sleep

“The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are, now. We will never be here again.” – Homer, Iliad. This playlist is about igniting your inner god complex. Making you feel like […]

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