Boogie Pachanguero

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And it is the final stretch peoples!!!!!! Let us celebrate all the good musical lands we discovered this term and everything we didn’t get to play on the air. The checkered flag is on the air so let’s end this musical journey with our pedal to the musical metal!

Welcome gentle folk!!! Today we are exploring the beautiful accordeon and harp music from Colombia, an ode to the sentimentality in the “vallenato” and “musica llanera” genres. Ay hombe!!!!

Next stop, skycrapers left and right welcome us to the Big Apple!! On this musical stop, you shall enjoy the city that never sleeps, a city that is a world in itself and that people from every corner has made its own. Hop on a subway color line and throughout the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten […]

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached a 1000 km of awesomeness!!! This musical story is in the city of Caracas, capital of Venezuela. The fresh sea breeze will lead us into this musical journey so sit back, relax and a vacilar!!!

Sunny times and long roads my peoples!! It is getting hot around us, load up your rides and take the desert on. We are stationed today in Melbourne, Australia. We’re gonna be surfin, bathing in this blistering heat, taking in all that sun we missed throughout the winter. So put on some sunscreen if you’d […]

Let us continue on this cruise among warm waters! This week, it is off to the caribbean waves, to the land of Jamaica. The land that has given us reggae, dancehall, ska, kind/beautiful/amazing people, jackfruit, beaches and whole way to experience life. To the awesomeness in its landscape that inspires us everyday, this one is […]

Sweet folk, let’s go sailing! All aboard the boat to discover the isthmus between oceans, the land of Panama. This warm and sunny trip is to discover the magic in this beautiful country. Our headquarters for the week, Panama City. Stay groovy my peoples!

It is exercise time, my lovely peoples!!!!! And what better way to enjoy these gorgeous spring days than by getting on a bike and riding off into the horizon on the trail. This list is to celebrate a sport and transportation mode that knows no boundaries, discriminates no one and rewards true endurance and drive […]

Gentle folk! Welcome to the beautiful breezes of spring, rejoicing in the aroma of life breathing in the trees around us. Let us gaze into the elongating sunsets by delving into the world of electronica. This week is an invitation to the DJ’s of the world, for them to spin us on a session of […]

And the final stretch is here!!!!! It’s been an amazing term for the show but as always there has been too little time to share the awesomeness with the people. So, let’s play all that good stuff that hasn’t made it on the show and sprinkle in those tunes that somehow escaped our grasps before. […]