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Nina Bielawski

December 2, 2018

OP North County San Diego local band special! Featuring 4th N Cedar, Steal Away, Shameface, Lefties, Bad Kids, Material Boys and The Shed!  


Nina Biel

November 16, 2018

The surf and garage rock tunes heard in your friend of a friend’s mom’s garage remembering the nostalgic sounds that make your reality vanish, and you heart feel mysteriously warm

Distortion fills the vast Californian desert skyline, the 2018 Desert Daze festival is underway. The shore of Moreno Beach is now home to music fanatics and hippie-rejects from the past millennia, filled with twenty-somethings swimming off in the distance of Moreno Beach as flurries of sonic oddities creep overhead. Desert Daze is the proud home […]

On November 7th, the Wonder Ballroom welcomed Black Lips and IceAge, but to put a fun spin on this night of hard rock, the band Surfbort started off the night. Surfbort is a 4-piece garage rock n’ roll band hailing for Brooklyn, NY. “Surfbort”, which is actually the name of an intercourse position (search it […]

The House of Sarcasm #25 – Instrumental Music from Portland Today was all about the music.  I felt like it was time for a little reprieve from all the talking, so I played some instrumental tracks by an eclectic variety of Portland bands and artists. Here are some upcoming campus events that I mentioned on […]

Surprise guest and scene stealer Jaden Smith (yes – the famous actor/rapper/child of Will & Jada Smith) joined Harry Hudson onstage for the last 2 songs of the night at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, Oregon. Hawthorne Theater is known as a bit older venue (it doesn’t have the newest/fanciest equipment or have posh décor) […]

Nina Biel

November 2, 2018

HAPPIP HALLOWEEN!! Today’s show was ~spoopy~ themed complete with creepy, hard garage rock songs and ones with eerie titles. I gave some last minute, cheap costume ideas to throw together if you don’t have a costume yet. If you’re looking for something to do tonight, every year at Burnside Skatepark there is a huge, wild […]


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