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this episode of big things featured a very halloweeny playlist! plus, gabe and aubrey joined hosts odp, will & mason mimi to tell some spooky stories! tune in to hear from two cats, an anarchist, persephone and an almost dead jock, the stories and the tunes are sure to make you wish it was halloween […]

in this episode of big things, donald guest hosted with mason mimi. Skyler Reed joined the hosts to talk a bit about poetry events he had been putting together, and Heidi Sipress also joined the hosts to talk about radical revolutionary stuff- unfortunately, there was a problem with getting the link to the second half […]

in this episode of big things, kaitlyn dey and michael richardson joined hosts mason mimi and odp! everyone on this show is a part of the PSU Student Union (PSUSU), and we got to hear some interesting facts about kaitlyn and michael specifically, who are both from idaho! this playlist featured songs that are either […]

in this episode, hosts mason mimi, will and odp picked songs that they were listening to throughout the first week back to fall term! odp caught a cold and called in from time to time, leaving will and mason to tell listeners the reasons behind her picks. listen to hear multiple versions of greensleeves, some […]

for this episode a friend of big things and former guest, jo swartz-larson, brought the fourth mom to be on big things with them, elisa swartz! odp and mason mimi hosted this episode which featured a food filled playlist curated by the hosts and the guests. listen in for a lot of sugar, some salt, […]

  this episode had donald thompson join mason mimi, will and odp for a show that featured a playlist of either songs that are about being inebriated, or just songs we each like listening to while inebriated! the first hour features the hosts’ song picks and some explanation behind our songs, and the second hour […]

puchi dejesus joined hosts odp, will & mason mimi in the studio for a show on intersectionality! all songs on the playlist are by/featuring trans artists and women of color! intersectionality is about (in short) recognizing intersecting forms of oppression and marginalization, and for us at big things it’s important to be intersectional in any […]

will, odp and mason mimi used this show to celebrate the friendship they all share! each host chose 3 songs that they felt represent the other two hosts, as well as three songs they felt represent themselves. listen to hear some great songs and some great memories the hosts have shared with each other!

this episode of big things featured will’s mom, Linda, odp’s mom, Lisa, and mason mimi’s grandma, Vicki. everyone picked out some songs with their mother figure and we talked about why those songs were picked! we were a little late for mother’s day (and for uploading this episode), but it was a great episode!

SUMMER JAMS! mason mimi, odp and will picked out some personal summer jams for the playlist this week, plus their three (yes, THREE) hot seat guests picked out some of their own summer jams! mimi leggett, morgan morrison and jo swartz-larson gave us some triple heat, with each of their bdays having occurred in the […]

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