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in this episode of big things, mason mimi and odp are joined by a long saught-after guest, Kaden! we got to hear two of Kaden’s original songs (!!) and talk about all of our high school proms. If you wanna see Kaden’s jumping instagram for yourself, go to @howfarhaveyougone. plus, the playlist theme in this […]

in this episode of big things, hosts mason mimi and odp create a playlist that features artists who are immigrants! we also talk a big about what May Day is (May 1st, every year!) and what happens on May Days, and the playlist theme was songs by immigrants because we stand in solidarity with all […]

on this episode of big things odp, mason mimi and will compile a LIT 420/419 (google it) playlist. odp also reviews kendrick’s new album DAMN. throughout the show. enjoy! -liv

on this episode of big things will, odp and mason review their spring cleaning playlists; songs they’re getting into and songs they’re getting OVER. the hosts also engage in ground breaking interviews about their professional lives. enjoy! and we’ll see you next week at 5 pm on! -liv

for this april fool’s episode, mason and olivia each have surprise play list themes that they try to guess, make exciting travel plans for the summer, and plan for their emergence into the movie business!

what’s up punks! in this episode of big things, we were all about the covers! the playlist was all covers of other songs from start to finish. we also played a fun game of “Will’s Covers,” where mason mimi and odp each gave will a song title of a song he didn’t know and he […]

on this episode, we kick the show off with a rad interview with emily wells — a violinist and vocalist currently on tour with her new ep, in the hot! then we move into our musical theme, songs that are OVERrated and UNDERrated. our friends kate and charley returned to the show with their musical […]

in this episode of big things, local Portland band Dogtooth & Nail joined us for a live in-studio! we got to hear some of their newest songs, plus some older ones, as well as the backstories on each song, and what’s coming up for the band! The hosts also put together a playlist that featured […]

on this episode of big things me, mason and will played some newer jams (dec 2016-now) that we’ve been listening to this week! we gave our thoughts along with some political commentary on the “official band of the alt-right.” on top of that, we played a rousing game of cards against humanity in the studio. […]

in this episode, the hosts get up to some whacky antics when the musical guests get canceled due to sickness. The game “Will’s Album Roulette” is invented and played on air. Also, the theme this week is acoustic music! Enjoy! -will

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