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Written by on July 8, 2020

So… I’ve been forgetting to make posts, so I’m throwing 3 at you this week.

2020-07-06: This Is Fresh/Old Skool

Peace, love, unity, respect, and responsibility, PLURR. You might have seen it at the end of a Break the Core show post here and there but perhaps didn’t know the meaning. PLURR is a term used and created by the rave community that defines the principles and expectations of members attending a rave. While intended for events, the principles are often carried outside of raves and into daily life.

One of the earliest and most notable uses of peace, love, and unity (PLU) was in response to a fight that broke out during a rave in the early 1990’s. Soon after, the first R (respect) was added. Likely to express support for the diversity in rave culture, thus creating the more commonly used PLUR. The final R (responsibility) was likely added mainly in response to drug abuse within rave culture, but has many other uses and good intentions. The PLURR statement (with the final R included) is not as widely used or accepted as the earlier PLUR, but I feel that responsibility is an important aspect in life so I choose to include it.

This weeks playlist includes music and recordings released around and between 1969 and 1999. Fun fact: most of them are older than me. The genres in this mix range from early hardcore and happycore, to jungle, early breakcore, as well as a few songs that helped shape what those genres and others became. Despite the intro there isn’t actually any house music in this playlist, welcome to my home of The Cores. If you’re looking for house though, check out the next one below: NCS Favorites!

So there’s your history lesson for today, now lets get the party started with some OLD SKOOL CHOONZ! PLURR~

I dare you to do the wiggly worm. You have the power.

Chuck Roberts – My House
Billy “Daniel” Bunter & D-Zyne- Ride Like the Wind
The Prodigy – Your Love
Liquid – Sweet Harmony
SL2 – Way In My Brain (Remix)
Helix – U R Everything
Scott Brown – Elysium
Bang! – Like A Shooting Star
Dougal & Symphony – Life Is Like A Dance (DJ’s Mixing)
Sly T & Ollie J feat. Jody – Help Me (12″ mix)
DJ Mayhem – Cold Acid
The Winstons – Amen Brother

These are definitely worth looking at if you want more info about the history of PLUR straight from some of the people involved.

2020-06-29: NCS Favorites!

This playlist aired a week ago and includes songs from a label called NoCopyrightSounds. The music NCS releases is free to use as long as you follow their simple rules. This playlist mostly features yellow circle (house) with a few tracks from purple circle (future house), green circle (trap/future bass), white circle (hardstyle/other), and cyan circle (melodic dubstep). There are unfortunately not many circles in my recording.

Alan Walker – Fade
Kadenza – Harpuia
Kovan & Alex Skrindo – Into The Wild (feat. Izzy)
Marin Hoxha – Endless
EMDI – Hurts Like This (feat. Veronica Bravo)
Robin Hustin – On Fire
Syn Cole – Gizmo
NIVIRO – Flashes
Foria – Break Away
Ascence – About You
KIRA – New World
Marin Hoxha & Caravn – Eternal
ElementD & Chris Linton – Ascend

2020-06-22: Undertale Remixes

Undertale remixes from various artists! The original Undertale OST is by Toby Fox.

Radix – Enemy Approaching
RetroSpecter – Remix Snowdin
SharaX – Waterfall Death Dance
Tieff – Battle Against a True Hero
Teckworks – Another Medium
Kommisar – Spider Dance
Cement City – Death By Glamour
FIDH LOTD – Bergentr├╝ckung (ASGORE)
DM DOKURO – g a r d e n (Undertale Remix 3)
BotanicSage – Waters of Megalovania
Karasu – Libra || Here We Are
Karasu – Disintegration || Gaster’s Theme
RichaadEB – Hopes And Dreams/Save the World

As it turns out, the song section has been restored. It’s too late for me on this post, but next time it will be nice.





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