Break the Core: Furries in a Blender / Emoticon

Written by on March 2, 2020

This week I’ve got a playlist of some fun songs under Emma Essex’s aliasses of Emoticon and Furries in a Blender. Both are technically the same character and the name has changed over time. Emoticon is the original name which was later replaced by FIAB. In 2014 the alias was retired and replaced with Rotteen, but today Emoticon still makes appearances.

Emoticon’s style mainly consists of happy hardcore, electro, and some breakbeats. Over time the types of music released under Emoticon and FIAB have changed as the character, as well as Emma, have changed and improved.

You can listen and watch some visualizers, which were also inspired by Emma Essex, on the YouTube livestream! Enjoy~





  • Blender Style
    Furries in a Blender
    I Am Sinistar
  • Hardcore Disco
    Furries in a Blender
  • Great Expectations
    Renard (Furries in a Blender remix)
  • Get it Right
    Helix (FIAB funkot remix)
    ON Trax Vol. 7
  • The 68000 Heart on Fire
    Furries in a Blender
    The Violet Kingdom
  • Burning Brain
    The Quick Brown Fox (Emoticon and Mayhem's "STAR LAB" remix)
  • My Guardian
    Furries in a Blender
  • Sqweg the Dragon
    Furries in a Blender
  • 0u7r4g30us_v1b35
  • Synapse
    Furries in a Blender (feat. Entity and Lawlzy)
  • Dear Spark
    Renard vs FIAB
  • Bounty Hunter on Corneria
    Furries in a Blender
  • Sun Always Shines
    a-ha (Rotteen & Emoticon RMX)

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