Who are the Growlers?

Written by on September 24, 2012

In the world today, we are constantly being bombarded with new music and sounds, and as technology continues to increase at a rapid rate, it is sure to continue in an undeterred direction of what’s considered unconventional craziness, creating new sounds in which synthesized instruments, vocal tape loops and other extravagances dominate the sound of popular music as we know it. However, not all of us have forgotten the past while dreaming of the future, and that’s where the Growlers step into the forefront of what has been forgotten, but also has yet to be understood. And who exactly are these guys? Well it all started roughly six years back when singer Brooks Nielson ran into guitarist Matt Taylor at a party and the two jammed for the first time, prompting them to start a band. From the very beginning, they took what was prevalent in their everyday lives – namely surfing, drinking, psychedelic drugs and having to grow up in a society that didn’t match their idea of what life should truly mean – and transformed it into their own sound, which has been given many different names since then. After their initial self release in 2007, they recorded 8 EP’s, and released them in 8 months, and the end product was a well spring of brilliant material. These songs have characterized the band’s sound thus far, and since being signed to the Everloving label in 2009 and releasing two official albums entitled: Are You In or Out? and Hot Tropics, the band has toured nationally a handful of times and become a local craze among Southern Californians in and around Orange County. The new question is what is in store next, as they have completed their latest LP, recorded with Dan Auerbach, and set to be released in November. It seems as if the material is taking a more down-home country approach to it, with a bit more pop than their older and darker material. The band just played a show at the Bunk Bar in Southeast Portland, and lead singer Brooks hinted that their next show in the area, although not officially set yet, should take place sometime in December. So if you are interested in listening to some new sounds without the gimmicks of modern day pop while still holding onto good-old-American sounding rock ‘n roll, or maybe just want to hit a bar show that will completely blow your mind – the Growlers are sure to be the band for you.





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