We Almost Lost Detroit

Written by on October 18, 2014

When I first heard about Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr, I didn’t take them seriously and just thought the name was funny. Then I took the time to listen to their debut album It’s a Corporate World since they were about to play Sasquatch, and I remember thinking, okay I get it. Their performance was the best of the festival and truly mind blowing. Now with two full lengths and an EP Jr. Jr. has yet to produce a dull moment either on stage or in their recordings. Watching them perform you get sucked into this beautiful yet passionately intense show that leaves you feeling blessed to have witnessed such pure perfection.
Jr. Jr is about as DIY as it gets as they write their own records, build their own stage set up, lights, and just have their own thing. What they are doing comes off as extremely authentic and is really bone chilling. Hailing from Detroit, this band brings that sort of blue collar, hard working mind set and atmosphere to make as incredible of pop songs as you have ever heard. Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr. is what do it yourself indie rock is supposed to be.
Musically Jr. Jr has fused that Detroit electronic sound with the best of what Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys use to do. They produce some of the catchiest music released in the last several years and truly provide a great connection with the listener. Wonderful harmonies with great little guitar hooks have your heart fluttering wishing to know the two masterminds behind this great band more deeply. Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein have created a world of goose bumps and love and I just can’t thank them enough for that.
So Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr is yet again gracing us with their presence this Sunday at the Doug Fir, which is such a perfect venue to see them. They will light up that stage and give you a truly unique performance. The bonus is you also get Miniature Tigers who also make such great pop music in their own right. I saw the Tigers open for The Morning Benders and they really rocked my world with their current yet early 90’s Weezer feel. This is a fantastic lineup at one of the best venues in Portland. This performance will make your fall and be some of the best money you spend this year, I guarantee it.

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