The Sword – Hawthorne Theater 3/17

Written by on March 20, 2014

You’re racing across an alien landscape saddled to the neck of a carnivorous brontosaurus creature. The wide plains are rimmed by magenta plateaus and peaks, the only plant life is a strange indigo tree with lichen looking cups at its tips. As you shift your gaze to the horizon, you see a heard of mounted battle steeds like your own racing towards you. It’s time to fight. 

This is the imagery that runs through my head at a Sword show. Epic sci-fi battles in strange places fueled by sexy guitar riffs and punctuated by stop time moments. In The Sword’s case that strange landscape is Austin, Tx. Luckily they range near and far to please us with their perfectly synced tones. Touring to support their fourth album; Apocryphon. The Sword played an impressive set with very little talking, just rockin’. They played a good selection of old and new material, pleasing fans of all kinds. The Sword manages to make stoner rock as fresh and inspiring as it was decades ago. The rhythm is pure sex, the lyrics are intelligible and the head banging won’t leave you sore in the morning.

The Sword – How Heavy This Axe

John is playing an Ibanez iceman guitar body in this video! The Sword – Night City





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