The Reverend Horton Heat Show!!

Written by on January 15, 2014

The Reverend Horton Heat with Nekromantix 1/10/14

Last Friday night the Wonder Ballroom was transformed into a church, the church of psychobilly, the congregation was lead by the Reverend Horton Heat. It must be mentioned that the Wonder Ballroom is so good at running shows on time. If you plan to miss an opening act, do not push the time or you’ll miss the headliner.

I have been going to Rev shows for 16 years. I have been dancing to Jimbo’s sexy slap since before I was a legal lay. I love strong front men, a strong backbeat and a great bass line. Rockabilly is the father of rock and roll. It is fun, danceable, and sexy. The Rev never disappoints, for almost two decades the Rev has been taking us all to church. The show on Friday was no exception.

The Nekromantix opened for the Rev. Although I had heard of them for years; I had never seen them live until now. The Nekromantix are from Copenhagen, I had no idea. I would’ve guessed LA or Sacramento. They have been through many lineup changes but their new drummer is the BEST!! She (Lux) is talented and beautiful. She does this adorable little point with her drumstick on the off beats that makes me smile every time! They play furiously fast, have wonderful horror themes and are visually entertaining. I’d go see them again.

Now onto the main attraction: The Rev has a new album REV that’s coming out this month and they played a few new songs. They hold up! The rockabilly formula works! My personal favorite was a surf rock track called “Zombie Dumb.” My favorite dance track off the new album was “Let Me Teach You How to Eat.” They played through their normal array of crowd favorites from “Marijuana” to ‘The Jimbo Song” they were all delivered with the normal amount of smirking and instrumental expertise. They gave shout outs to Johnny Cash’s pioneering guitarist for inspiring a new song and Sub Pop records for taking a chance and signing them.

Them Texas boys put on a good show, whether it’s the Rev standing on the stand-up bass to deliver “The Devil’s Chasing Me” or Jimbo and the Rev switch instruments to play “Johnny B Goode.” When you go to a Reverend Horton Heat show, you best bring your dancing shoes!





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