The Preatures at Doug Fir – 4/5/2015

Written by on April 6, 2015

Aussie band The Preatures played the Doug Fir Easter evening. The Preatures are touring in support of their new album Blue Planet Eyes (Mercury), their first full-length album. While the venue was not sold out, The Preatures nevertheless brought the heat to a very energetic crowd.

The five-piece band was formed in Sydney in 2010 and features Isabella Manfredi (vocals/keyboard), Gideon Bensen (guitar/vocals), Jack Moffitt (guitar), Thomas Champion (bass) and Luke Davison (drums). Moffitt and Champion met Manfredi at the Australia Music Institute in 2008. After the release of a few EP’s, the band won an Australian songwriting competition for their song “Is This How You Feel?

“This concert,” Manfredi said as she started the show, “is brought to you by Voodoo Doughnuts. We just ate a whole box and couldn’t stop! Normally we don’t eat before a show.” “Yeah,” added guitarist Jack Moffitt, “They sit like lead.”

Even so, The Preatures were in fine form as they played most of their still relatively short catalog, pausing long enough for a cover. Manfredi showed her skills as a front woman as she paced the stage, even throwing a cartwheel in for good measure. The band operated as one, and sounded incredibly put-together. Champion and Davison kept the groove tight with some impressing drumming on Davison’s part. Bensen showcased his vocals on “All My Love” from The Preatures’ Is This How You Feel? EP, and shared vocals with Manfredi on the title track.

The lush indie-pop sound was perfect for a Sunday evening, and after the show, the band came together at their merchandise table to sell some items and chat with fans. A solid show by a solid group; only time will tell if their popularity will expand outside of Australia.

The Preatures live at Doug Fir

The Preatures live at Doug Fir

Lead singer Isabella Manfredi of the Preatures.

Lead singer Isabella Manfredi of the Preatures.





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