The House of Sarcasm #39 – Crying in the Rain in My Dirty Denim Jeans

Written by on April 5, 2019

Alexis Mahler

The House of Sarcasm #39 – Crying in the Rain in My Dirty Denim Jeans

It’s a rainy Friday and we’re back from spring break. Sadly, KPSU is still having technical problems. Shows are not being recorded at this time, so if you click the “download” link below, it will just send you in a frustrating circle going nowhere (don’t bother trying!). But hey, since when did a radio show have to be recorded? Isn’t the nature of radio to be fleeting, something that you enjoy in the moment and then it’s gone? Well, sure, but of course KPSU isn’t really a “radio” station on the actual airwaves.

The IT people are working on it and things should be fixed soon.

All of the songs I played today are on Bandcamp, so you could always go there and try to recreate the playlist, though you won’t have the joy of hearing my voice. Sorry!

Here are the events I mentioned on today’s show:


Copycat Night w/ DJ Xerox, Batmoth, Shriekers, Counterfeit Cash – Apr. 5 at Turn Turn Turn

The Breach / No Red Flags / Velvet Merkin – Apr. 5 at Gil’s Speakeasy


Jack and the Bad Thing / Dark Oz / Trouble Cuts / Soft Kamikaze – Apr. 6 at Misdemeanor Meadows

Night Beats / Eyelids / Savage Family Band – Apr. 6 at Dante’s

King Ghidora / The Greasy Gills / Don & The Quixotes – Apr. 6 at Turn Turn Turn

Slow Crush / Holy Fawn / Long Hallways / Amulets – Apr. 6 at High Water Mark Lounge

Creature Party / Perfect Buzz / Nice Stalkers – Apr. 6 at Lay Low Tavern


Jesse’s Birthday Bender! w/ Neptune’s Chargers / Stumblebum / One Drink and Other Lies – Apr. 12 at Misdemeanor Meadows

Tiger Touch / Thee Perfect Gentlemen / Bad Move – Apr. 12 at Gil’s Speakeasy

Sapphic Musk / Bitch School / Perfect Monster / The Dee Dees – Apr. 13 at Gil’s Speakeasy


Thats what she said presents a Benefit 4 RocknRoll Camp 4 girls – Apr. 20 at Laurelthirst Public House

The Satin Chaps / Hot Laundry / The Shriekers / The Mean Reds – Apr. 26 at the Secret Society

Thanks as always for listening to the House of Sarcasm, your home for music by local artists and bands based here in rainy Portland, Oregon.

I will not be doing the show next week but plan to return on Friday, April 19. See you then!





  • Two Stroke Smoke
    The Sellwoods
  • Schoolyard Bullies
    Trouble Cuts
  • Hello, Hello
    The Breach
  • Ace Up Your Sleeve
    Rachel Brashear
  • Low Moon
    Alexis Mahler
  • Denim Jacket Back Patch Blues
    Bus Gas
  • Dirty
    Jack and the Bad Thing
  • Tight Jeans and Tambourines
    The Satin Chaps
  • Love That’s Real
    Nina Yates
  • Mind Over Matter
    No Red Flags
  • Wisdom Cries
    Annie Perkins
  • The Only Way Out is Through
    Long Hallways
  • Cry, Cry, Cry
    The Shriekers

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